What is the best gift for mom on May 10?

Here are some options for the best gift for mom

In case you haven't noticed, Mother's Day is approaching at the speed of light and it is the perfect occasion to pamper our number one fan, the woman from whom we learned -with her valuable examples- that "giving is better than receiving”. So it's time to look for the best gift ideas for mom and surprise her with original details that surpass any of those that your brothers will give her.

Snorkel in the arches

The ideal gift for adventurous moms who want to delve into the marine world!

Go sailing along the coast and make a stop to snorkeling in Los Arcos in the company of the wonderful fauna that inhabits that place. You will spend an afternoon sharing a unique experience with your mother, sailing and connecting with nature.

Ride on a luxury yacht

Do you want mom to enjoy a unique activity? 

If you prefer something more chill and not so adventurous, we suggest you spend a day in a luxury yacht. It is a very original gift for mom to go sailing at sunset to enjoy a glass of wine with a wonderful view of the sun as there are only in our port. 

Relaxing afternoon at a private beach club

If there is a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing day, without a doubt it is wikari...

Mom deserves an afternoon without stress, enjoy the sun in a comfortable hammock, drink some delicious cocktails, enjoy spectacular cuisine and we tell you exactly where to take her. This plan brings together several experiences and becomes a day of complete relaxation.

A walk to the beach of love

There is no better background for a photograph with mom than the beautiful Marietas Islands

Take her to see the impressive hidden beach, unique in the world for its peculiar crater shape in the middle of the sea. Without doubt an unforgettable experience.

Mom definitely deserves this and more!

Excursion in a luxury catamaran and Quimixto

Experiences are worth more than material things, so this May 10, a gift for mom is a trip to strengthen ties mother and son.

If your budget is more limited, you can choose to treat them to a magnificent and very complete public tour that offers a combination of experiences where they can enjoy a ride on a catamaran that will take mom to some of the best places to practice snorkeling, in addition to this tour It offers an open bar, a delicious buffet in Quimixto and lots of fun.

As an extra activity, you can take a horseback ride to reach the refreshing Quimixto waterfall and take a dip.