Everything you need to know about summer and the activities you can do at sea.

We welcome the Summer Solstice! This astronomical phenomenon known as Vernal Solstice defines the beginning of the warmest months of the year, because the Sun will reach its maximum declination, projecting its light on the maximum geographic latitude of the Earth.

The celebrations of the Summer Solstice in various parts of the world involve ceremonies and rituals to welcome this season of the year, with a great protagonist to whom tribute is paid: The Sun.

There are many practices since ancient times to recharge with good energies and attract the best wishes during the Summer Solstice. Here we leave you some valid recommendations and rituals to recharge yourself with good energies during this time of year:

summer activities
  • Go to some sacred place to receive the energy of the sun, the beaches of Puerto Vallarta are the best place to sunbathe.
  • Light candles and incense with your favorite aroma, place them in different places in your home and meditate while the summer solstice fills you with energy
  • On the first night of the summer solstice, relax in the way you feel most comfortable: have a good glass of wine or an energizing tea, meditate, listen to soft and relaxing music or read a book, this on the beach you feel better.
  • At the end of the night write a note with a thought you want to leave behind and then burn it.

Enjoy the arrival of this season with lots of light, warmth and fun. It is an ideal season to enjoy good weather, high temperatures and more hours of light.

Getting bored at sea is impossible. What are the funniest water activities? What do I need to practice them? Boat trips, horseback riding, visiting different beaches and much more.

Water sports are the perfect complement for your rest days in summer. If you are active and you like to do different things (basically what winter does not let you do) then you have to add some of these activities to your vacations. 

Some are more popular than others, some require a lot of adrenaline and others are more relaxed, but all are perfect for hanging out this summer.

1.- Paddle surfing or paddle surfing

It is one of the activities at sea that has grown the most in recent years. It is a sport that is practiced more and more on beaches where there are few waves and the sea is calm. It consists of sailing on a surfboard propelling yourself with the help of an oar. It looks easier than it is!

Do you want to test your skills in this activity? Well, you have it quite easy. Many of the beaches in the bay of Puerto Vallarta have the option of this practice, if the weather and sea conditions allow it.

summer activities

2.- Sailing by boat 

If your intention is to skirt the coast in a short time, taking a boat trip is a good option. In addition to having the option to contemplate a greater number of beaches and delve into those that cannot be visited on foot. Do you already know the beach "green stick"?

Few experiences can be compared to sailing the seas and taking a boat ride. The small waves will not be a problem to move through the waters and the feeling of freedom will be full.

You can also take a shorter ride on a catamaran or a tour boat. There can be thousands of options to convey the sensation of sailing, live an aquatic experience and enjoy the sea.

Choose the way and the boat of your choice, it is a highly recommended experience, especially if you travel with children. 

summer activities

3.- Snorkeling 

It is an activity to practice preferably in company, but if you prefer you can also do it alone in clear and clean waters, a highly recommended activity in the sea if you like to see fish and discover the beauty of the seabed.

If you are lucky and you are on a beach where there is coral, do not hesitate. Swimming while you contemplate the strange colored rock formations that decorate the bottom of many seas is a highly recommended experience.

Would you dare to practice it this vacation?

4.- Go fishing!

It is the favorite activity of patients and lonely souls. Spending hours and hours with the rod waiting, alone, for them to bite, a hobby that has more followers every day. You can fish with a rod on the coast, go out on a boat and fish in different ways.

The key is to know what is fished, there are those who practice fishing without death; the one in which all the captured fish are returned to the water after capturing them, even when they have died due to fishing, it all depends on who practices it.

5.- Walk on the beach

One of our favorite activities. Walk along the beach at the edge of the sea, with your feet wet with the waves. Enjoying the sea breeze, the cool water. Quimixto is an excellent option for this walk.

Sit in the sand, enjoy the sunset or make a sand sculpture, a challenge that you can face without any company. It is a classic.

What activity do you practice? Any experience to add to this list with a taste of summer and the sea?

Each of the activities that we have proposed will bring you something different for your vacation: some will amuse you and others will make you fall in love with unique seascapes. What matters is that this summer will be very unique.

There is nothing better than feeling satisfied for having made the most of your days off. Try each of the water activities named for any area of ​​Puerto Vallarta and the bay.

Have fun in the sea like never before this summer season!