Shared Fishing

Shared fishing is a trip in which people with little experience in fishing or with a low budget come together to share a boat and go fishing. Most shared fishing is done with a rod, reel, line, hooks, and a wide variety of baits and lures, so beginners learn about the equipment and what it takes to fish.

How It Works

Once on the boat, the members of the group must choose a random number that the crew will give them, according to the number they have obtained, this will be their turn to try to catch the fish that bites the hook.

As each one has an opportunity to fish, they will be able to learn about the use of the type of bait and the types of rods that are used, the techniques and species that are possible to capture are also explained.

To whom is it recommended?

  • Solo fishermen on a budget
  • People who don't want to fish alone
  • Beginners
  • Those looking to “just fish”