Ecotourism: Puerto Vallarta al Natural

Ecological tourism is an approach to tourist activities in which the preservation and appreciation of the environment that welcomes travelers is privileged.

In its most common meaning, the ecotourism label implies an environmentally responsible trip, to undisturbed regions to enjoy the natural environment and the culture of the inhabitants of such environment, to promote both the appreciation of the natural and cultural riches of the places to visit .

Its advantages:

  • It is a type of sustainable and alternative tourism for those people who flee from mass tourism.
  • It benefits health since it encourages the consumption of ecological products, the practice of sports in the middle of nature and, in short, breathing pure and clean air.
  • It is a great opportunity to teach our children values ​​such as respect for nature or towards other cultures.
  • People who practice ecotourism help preserve cultural traditions such as cooking recipes, dances and other manifestations of local culture.
  • Another major benefit is awareness. When we see closely that another type of tourism can be done that produces benefits for society, we realize that it is important to take care of nature.

Puerto Vallarta is a pioneer destination in the development of Alternative Tourism activities and sites where you can live a unique, intense and totally different experience.

Learn about the different activities you can do:

Whale Watching

From mid-December to March, the whales come to the bay to reproduce, which provides a unique spectacle.

The tours are a photographic safari and provide the opportunity to see the majestic humpback whales


Kayaking can be practiced along the coast, around the Marietas Islands, or in Los Arcos. There are many tours that offer this activity combined with other adventures such as diving, snorkeling, turtle, dolphin and bird watching.

Kayaks can be rented at most large hotels. It is better to go kayaking in the morning, as the wind picks up in the afternoon.

Horse trips

You can make an expedition through the mountains enjoying nature. On the walk you have the opportunity to learn more about the jungle and some beautiful waterfalls, there are stops at restaurants along the riverbank.


The most common species in this region are: sailfish, swordfish, marlin, sea bream, sierra and red snapper. The best season is from November to May, although small fish are abundant throughout the year.


If you like living with nature, you can enter the wonderful tropical jungle of the mountains that surround Bahía de Banderas.


The destination has calm waters in several places and a great variety of biodiversity, including angelfish, sergeant, moray eels, palometa fish and giant manta rays, among others.

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