An Important Element for Fishing: The Bait

The type of fish and the area where you are going to fish directly influence the best choice of bait. In the same way, the bait you choose will significantly increase your chances of catching. The main function of your bait is to attract your prey to where you are, therefore, the pieces of the preferred food or objects that simulate the prey of the fish of your choice are common baits.

types of bait

Generally speaking, there are two types of bait: natural and artificial. When choosing a natural bait for fishing, you can take animal baits, such as smaller fish or worms, and vegetable baits, super effective in fishing in lakes and rivers with little current.

If you choose an artificial fishing bait you will find an incredible collection of options alike: jointed lures, poppers, fishing feathers or vinyls, surface fish and more.

using shrimp

Shrimp have become the all-purpose saltwater bait. They can be used in almost any situation and will always have some kind of results. They are probably best used in shallow water conditions that have many types of fish.

Using cut bait

Cut bait is when a part of a dead fish is cut off and placed on the bait hook. This type of bait can be used in shallow water fishing, deep sea fishing or surf-casting. It is more generally used offshore.

Using other small fish

Smaller fish such as mullet, small croaker, small sardines and other small fish are great bait to use. They are good for shallow water and deep sea fishing. You can usually buy these types of baits at your local bait shop, or use a cast net to catch them at your own expense.

Using artificial baits

There are thousands of models of artificial lures that you can use. It will depend on your ability to move the lure, and the depth depending on the fish you are looking to catch. You can choose plastic worms as a lure is a great option. You can also use Rapala lures with commercial attractors, which give it different scents that help attract fish, particularly the smell of sardines. Spoon lures are widely used in freshwater, especially for trout fishing.

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